We are naturally curious as our brains are hard-wired to wonder, question, and be inquisitive. When we sense anything new, different, novel, changed, or surprising, it gains our attention and we make predictions. This is motivating, engaging, and increases our curiosity to need to find out more. The more curious we are, the more we want to learn. Curiosity encourages us to think more deeply, be more reflective, and creative. It is what drives our leaders, pioneers, and explorers.



Being courageous enables us to take risks and make mistakes. We develop vulnerability and resilience to be brave. It takes courage to persist and be determined when we are challenged and struggle learning anything new. Accepting that making mistakes is how we learn builds a positive, growth mindset. Mistakes cause our brains to grow as neural connections are formed or ‘re-wired’. We need courage to step out of our comfort zone to tackle the adventure of learning and life to reach for the stars.



Challenge causes our brains to spark and grow. When you try hard to learn something new, you grow new connections between neurons. We think more deeply, more critically, and more strategically. It makes learning more stimulating and worthwhile as it promotes a more rigorous, thought-provoking, and exploratory path to learning. We strive and thrive when challenged to try new things and get things wrong. Challenge puts us in the ‘learning pit’ where we build determination, resilience, curiosity, and resourcefulness.