Our languages program is Australian Sign Language (Auslan) and is explicitly taught from Year 3 to Year 6 by a tutor from Deaf Connect. Jo Robertson is in our school every Wednesday and Thursday. Our students learn to both interpret Auslan into spoken language and communicate using Auslan.

Auslan is a distinctive and vibrant language employed by the deaf community in Australia. Auslan is more than just a set of signs; it’s a fully-fledged language with its own grammar and syntax. The attraction of Auslan goes beyond the Deaf community, as it holds immense potential for bridging gaps in communication and social inclusion for everyone.

Learning Auslan can serve as a bridge between the hearing and Deaf community, fostering mutual understanding and respect. This shared means of communication eliminates feelings of isolation and fosters inclusiveness. Embracing Auslan can empower communities to foster an environment where deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) young people can actively participate in local activities, such as swimming classes, sport, dance and more. 

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