Relief Staff Guidelines


Welcome to North Harrisdale Primary School. Our school is an Independent Public School and was founded in 2021. We welcome children from Kindergarten to Year 6.

We believe that all students are capable of learning at high levels, and our staff and students are continuously guided by our core drivers of curiosity, courage, and challenge.

We value the skill, effort, and expertise of our relief staff and hope that you find mutual benefit from serving our community.

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Quality teaching is the hallmark of our school, and this extends to relief teachers employed to cover staff absences. When accepting a relief position at North Harrisdale PS, you are expected to provide a rigorous educational experience that respects the students and families of our school. This includes prioritising the safety of our students by attending to any duty assigned to you during breaks.

Culture First

We are a high-performing team of collaborative professionals within a Professional Learning Community. We uphold policies of ‘no triangles’ and ‘no islands’. Consequently, issues are to be addressed with the person/s concerned. We do not involve others in ‘triangles’ of communication by speaking about others or decisions made. Equally, we encourage all relief staff to attend the staffroom to socialise during break times when you do not have duty. Where applicable, you are also invited to participate in after school meetings or events to reflect our commitment to your development.

Standards of Dress

Working within a professional environment necessitates presenting ourselves in a professional manner to build our reputation of high standards in the community, and to reflect the teaching profession positively.

When working at North Harrisdale, professional, business-like attire is always required. For male staff, this includes collared business shirts (not polo shirts), and neat business trousers or dress shorts. For female staff, short skirts and dresses are not permissible, leggings are not to be worn on their own, and sandals must have a back-strap. Should you ever doubt your presentation suitability, please consult the Principal or Deputy Principal.

Our School Day

Our school day is structured as follows, and it is expected that relief who have been given prior notice about a job arrive by 8.00am.

  • 8.15am: Classroom doors open
  • 8.30am: Lessons commence
  • 11.30am: Lunch – play until 11:50am and then eat
  • 12.05pm: Lessons commence
  • 1.30pm: Recess
  • 1.45pm Lessons commence
  • 2.30pm: School concludes.

Accessing the School

Relief staff are required to sign in and out each day in the Relief Record File in our admin office. This is accessed from the Reilly Road entrance. Relief staff are permitted to park in any of the unmarked bays that can be found at the front and sides of the campus.

When signing in, you will be provided with a timetable, map of the school, a relief file for your classroom/ specialist subject, and notified of any duty times that you have been allocated. If you are new to our school, you will also be required to provide proof of a valid Working with Children Check and COVID vaccinations.

Generally, absent staff will provide a daily work pad or relief notes to guide your day. This will be provided in admin where you sign in, or in the specific class. However, due to the uncertainty that exists in emergency situations, there may be times where these documents are not available. It is advisable that relief staff be prepared to be able to teach a day without accessing supporting notes.

Accidents and Incidents

In the event of an accident involving students, visitors, or staff, an ‘Accident/ Incident Report Form’ should be completed as soon as possible following the incident. There is a separate form for students and visitors, and another one for staff. These are available from the admin office.

Access to Technology in the Class

Each classroom is equipped with a class laptop and an Interactive Panel. The class laptop can be accessed through your E-number and password. At the conclusion of the day, please ensure that any devices are turned off and returned to their original positions. Should you experience any issues with the use of technology during the day, please report this to our admin team.  

Preparing for the Day

Relief staff are asked to please be prepared for the weather conditions forecast for the day. For example, always packing a hat, water, and sunscreen in case outdoor activities have been planned for your class/ specialist area.

We hope that you enjoy your time teaching at North Harrisdale Primary.