Digital Permissions

We require your permission for the school to publish video or photographic images of your child and/or samples of your child’s school work to be used by the school and the Department of Education. The purpose of using the images or work will be activities such as promoting the school, school events and student achievements. Please download the forms, sign and return to us.. 

As per Department of Education policy, we are seeking permission for your child to have an Online Services Account. Essentially, this is how your child will access iPad apps and the internet whilst at school, as they are provided a student email address and password.

Whilst your child is provided with an online services account for school, it is only used to login to iPads, certain apps, and the laptops. We do not ask children to use their email to send mail to external recipients. Without your consent for this online services account, children will be unable to use any of the digital resources at school, including iPads and laptops.

Every child has to sign (or parents sign on their behalf) an 'Acceptable Use Agreement' outlining their commitment to use digital resources appropriately at school. A signed agreement is required for each of your children.

Schools use a variety of third party online services such as Mathletics, Compass, Progressive Assessment Testing, and a variety of apps. Some require only the school to notify families that we use them, others we are able to bundle together and seek your consent for us to use all of them. Some services require your explicit consent before your child is allowed access to them. You need to provide consent for each of your children to access these programs or apps:

Please be aware that these third party online services have undergone a rigorous review process by the Department of Education to ensure they are acceptable to use at school, as long as families are aware of the data that is shared with the providers.

For many of the services we use at North Harrisdale Primary, limited identifying information is shared eg. name, year level, class, and teacher’s name. We are very cautious about the security and confidentiality of the services we choose to use at the school.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.