Local Intake Area

The following defines the local-intake area of North Harrisdale Primary:

From the intersection of Ranford Road and Warton Road, south east along Ranford Road (south west side included) to Skeet Road, south west along Skeet Road (north west side included) to the planned extension of Abercrombie Entrance, north west along Abercrombie Entrance (north east side included) to Gracefield Boulevard.

South west along Gracefield Boulevard (north west side included) to Silvershot Avenue, north west along Silvershot Avenue (north east side included) to Dovedale Street, south west along Dovedale Street (north west side included) to Collared Street, north west and south west along Collared Street (north side included) to Pardalote Road, north west along Pardalote Road (north east side included) to Wright Road.

South west along Wright Road (north side included) to the intersection with Sacred Glade, north west from this intersection through Heronwood Reserve to the intersection of Harrisdale Road and Nicholson Road, north west along Nicholson Road (north east side included) to Warton Road, and north east along Warton Road (south east side included) to Ranford Road.

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Click here to view the list of street names in the local intake area.  If you cannot find your street name on this list, please contact the school on 9397 8140.